About Us

I was raised in a very competitive family who loved athletics. I never really thought that I been given that trait until I was working at an engineering company and applied for a job as an automation engineer back in 2014. That company had told me that they did not want me in that position as another candidate had significantly more experience than myself. That other candidate (who is now a very close friend and mentor of mine) was given the position instead.


Little did I know this engineer was about as huge of a nerd as I was. He came in to work one day stating he was making a CNC mill in his basement out of some parts we had purchased at Menards. Naturally, I couldn't let him be the first one to make a CNC mill in his basement, so I went home, ordered some parts, and setup my first mill. Following that, we jumped on the 3D printing train, then hopped in the laser engraving game, and finally landed on building custom drones.


After bashing our heads against the old school ZMR 250 frames with a Naze 32 wobbling through the air, I finally decided to join the Michiana Multirotor Flyers group located in the South Bend, IN area. There I began refining my knowledge, skills, and flight expectations of what I, as well as other pilots wanted in a quadcopter.


This was the big turning point for me as I started designing 3D printed accessories and quadcopter frames since I couldn't ever seem to find EXACTLY what I wanted in the FPV market.  I posted a few frames and accessories I had made, and my buddy started bugging me about how I should try to start marketing these. I never was really into the marketing side of the hobby so I never became interested in selling drones, until I started watching videos of the more well known pilots and realized that marketing a product wasn't about the money in this hobby. It is about growing the community, spreading the hobby, and having a good time doing it. So here I am, 11/11/2018, jumping into this competitive market in hopes to spread my designs to help grow the FPV community and make my contribution to the hobby also.